Good News for Coffee Fans!

Drinking a delicious cup of joe is now associated with having a longer lifespan.

A recent study* shows the protective effect of coffee against cancer, cardiovascular disease and a bunch of other top causes of death.       This is because your coffee is full of good things like antioxidants and beneficial compounds that have been shown to reduce the risk of disease and promote longevity.

I used to start every day with my coffee (we all have a favorite blend) until I started getting headaches after finishing my morning cup. Why?

The cortisol hormone is responsible for regulating blood sugar, managing your sleep cycle, fighting infections, responding to stress and some other very important things. By knowing your daily cortisol hormone cycle, you can figure out quite a bit about your body and how it is responding to your environment, mentally and physically.

There are two easy tests for tracking your cortisol levels; Biohealth uses a simple saliva test and the Dutch Test uses dried urine samples. By taking these tests, I learned that my body’s production of cortisol peaks early in the day, meaning coffee wasn’t a good choice for me to start my day with. By knowing my individual body chemistry’s behavior, I am informed, stronger and healthier.

If you want to be stronger too, I strongly suggest using these tests to help get you there. Many ailments are preventable, but you need to know what is causing them. These tests are a quick and easy way to find some answers. In fact, we are going to give you 10% off these tests so you can try them.

Enjoy your life by celebrating your health!

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*Additional information on coffee study may be fund at: