1. The Best Perk of Acupuncture and Musings on Functional Medicine

    Traditional Chinese medicine, which encompasses both acupuncture and herbal medicine, is an ancient healing modality that treats the whole person without neglecting or bandaging symptoms often found in western medicine. Acupuncture is a mindful practice that asks you to become more in tune with your…Read More

  2. 100 Patients a Day in Argentina!

      Dr. Weon Lee is back from his two-week Medical Mission to Argentina in which he helped over 100 Guarani Indians EVERY DAY find better health.                Welcome back Dr. Lee!…Read More

  3. How Acupuncture Can Treat Common Running Injuries

    After a temperate winter, spring is here and our bodies are beginning to thaw out from a season of hearty and heavy food and indoor fitness. If you’re taking your inaugural steps from running indoors on a treadmill to hitting the pavement outdoors, this transition can cause both acute and chronic …Read More

  4. Step Into Spring and Leave Your Seasonal Allergies Behind!

    The springtime season is such a reprieve from the dull and dreary winter weather. The winter leaves us a little vitamin D deprived and perhaps a bit creaky and bulkier from the hibernation we’ve experienced! Luckily for us, spring ushers in warmer weather to thaw out and soak in the vitamin D and …Read More

  5. Happy Lunar New Year From Lee Acupuncture!

    Happy Lunar New Year from Lee Acupuncture Wellness Center in Newport Beach! Take your children to stop by our clinic this Friday! First 30 visitors will receive a red envelope with lucky money inside. :)   We wish you good health, happiness, and success this New Year, and hope that Year of the…Read More

  6. Acupuncture To The Rescue In Cold And Flu Season

    It’s cold and flu season, and it’s been cold and flu season now for a while. The winter months are great for challenging our immune health, as it puts to work our body’s security detail and our first line of defense to combat the gamut of nasty bacteria and viruses. Ask anyone, and they’ve l…Read More