1. Cupping

    Intrigued by cupping? Learn more about it below! Recently I am getting more treatment requests and questions about how cupping works. Heavy exposure and good image of several popular Olympian in Rio this summer made all the above inquiries, I guess. You can see Michael Phelps’s pictures of cupping…Read More

  2. Gut Healing – Loving Your Liver with Bitters

    Today I am going to talk a super important organ – in fact, one of the largest internal organs – liver. While much of the emphasis on liver health relates to detoxification, which is one of the Root Causes in the Adrenal gland/ thyroid problem, the liver and its paired organ just below it – yo…Read More

  3. Find God in the Garden

    It is great to be in the winter garden at my son’s elementary school. We have been blessed in the garden with tomatoes, 2nd generation broccoli, snap peas, 2nd generation borage, artichoke, cosmos flower….to name a few. One day my son brought me a little book. I had it for years kept in my bathr…Read More

  4. Pregnancy and MTHFR

    All women who are planning to get pregnant, not just ones with a thyroid condition, should take a supplement called methyl folate. In the past, we’ve been told to take 400 mcg of folic acid daily before trying to get pregnant. Folic acid plays a key role in cell and tissue formation and DNA produc…Read More

  5. Ergonomics and Employee Productivity

    Ergonomics has become a very popular field, which deals with designing suitable furniture, which is comfortable for individuals, both at home and in the office environment. The absence of ergonomically fit furniture and surroundings, results in different muscular problems in individuals like back pa…Read More

  6. Top 4 Core-Building Exercises

    The human body has 29 core muscles located in the back, abdomen and pelvis regions. They help to give a person a stable center of gravity, while helping in controlling movements, supporting whole of the back and giving out a semblance of stability. These core muscles form the foundation on which the…Read More