In western medicine, there is this notion that if you have an autoimmune disorder the only option is to treat it with pharmaceuticals while trying to manage the symptoms. The heaviness of chronic pain and discomfort may only slightly get better, while “cure” or “remission” are words to be avoided as you navigate your autoimmune condition.

At Lee Acupuncture, we offer beneficial alternatives such as acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and functional medicine to help those who suffer from an autoimmune condition, thrive. Functional medicine is a relatively new space of medicine but leads to lasting and improved health and wellness for those who venture down the road.


Functional Medicine Is Medicine

We’ve been covering what functional medicine is in the last couple of posts and in its simplest definition, it seeks to treat disease and illness by finding the root cause of the problem. For example, if you suffer from neuropathy from type 2 diabetes, the root of the issue is eating habits and lifestyle choices.

A functional medicine doctor can be compared to a medical detective in search of finding what lies at the foundation of your medical issues to get a clear picture of your whole health history and treating it by fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Why Functional Medicine is Advantageous For Autoimmune Conditions

Traditional, western medicine has opportunities in the way that it treats symptoms and not the whole person, which is why functional medicine is so advantageous. Instead of treating symptoms and illness with medications to alter the immune system, practitioners seek out the heart and aim to help reverse the autoimmune issues. The beauty in autoimmune disorders is some of their root causes are widely seen with each condition and are easily remedied, things including:

  • Chronic stress
  • Food sensitivities
  • Leaky gut or gut permeability
  • Chronic infections
  • Body detoxification issues

When your functional medicine doctor is able to pinpoint a root cause, treating the autoimmune condition may be relatively easy such as eliminating dairy from your diet.

Functional Medicine’s Foundation is in Food and Lifestyle Changes


While some medication may be needed to help manage symptoms, the bread and butter of why functional medicine works so well for those with an autoimmune disorder are in how food and lifestyle changes make such a life-altering impact. The patient is completely engulfed in their own healing and accountable for the outcome which is quite empowering compared to relying on a medication that may or may not come with a host of side effects and that only masks the symptoms at best.

If you suffer from an autoimmune disorder and are looking for an alternative to medication, functional medicine is the perfect modality to treat symptoms while identifying the root cause(s) in your condition. Not only can you slow the condition, you can begin to learn your triggers and work to address them together with your practitioner.

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