Customized Treatment for You Only

Unlike western medicine, there is not only one “prescription” in oriental medicine to treat different patients for the same health problem. It is because in oriental medicine perspectiv that each person’s body is considered unique with its own individual Qi flow and resonance. We provide customized care for your uniqueness!

acupunctureneedlesWhat is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the main branches of Traditional Chinese medicine. It facilitates the healing of physical, emotional, and mental disease. Acupuncture is performed by inserting hair thin needles into acupuncture points that may be located on the arms, legs, back, or even in the ear.

Acupuncture points are found along 14 specific pathways running throughout the entire body. These pathways are called meridians.  Each one of these meridians has specific organ systems, emotions and anatomical locations that they connect to. For example: If a patient has stomach ulcers, our medical providers may choose acupuncture points along the stomach meridian to treat the ulcer. If anxiety accompanies a patient complaint then our providers may also add points along the heart meridian.

When one sees an acupuncturist, patterns of disharmony are first determined through evaluation of the pulse and by examining the tongue as well as through questioning and health history.  Our medical providers will also check for structural imbalances along the spine and hips looking for areas of contraction and pain. Through this process, an accurate assessment of your condition can be discussed and treated from an Eastern medical perspective. In our clinic, we focus on restoring balance and increasing vitality rather than on diseases.  Yes, specific diseases are treated, but no two people receive the same treatment even though they may have very similar complaints.  In Chinese medicine, there are many cases in which specific illnesses are treated before symptoms arise. This is the true essence of the medicine.

Thomas Edison has said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

To learn more about acupuncture, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Your First Acupuncture Visit

  • Your first acupuncture consultation visit typically lasts up to 30-40 minutes and includes a thorough initial intake and evaluation.  If you decide to get acupuncture treatment on same day, it typically last total 60-70 minutes.  It is best if you do not come to your appointment on an empty stomach.  You should have something to eat beforehand. It does not have to be a full meal, so it can be something small such as a piece of fruit.
  • It will start by you telling me about your main health concerns.  We will ask you questions such as:
    How long have you had it for? How often does it affect you? How does it affect your everyday life? Have you received treatments for it and how did they go?
  • We normally perform Chinese pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis to find out internal balance between each organs function and gastrointestinal tract health. We will also perform orthopedic tests or range of motion exam in case of your chief complaint is physical pain and discomforts.
    We will also do a checkup on your overall health.  I will ask you questions about your sleep, energy levels, digestion, bowel movements and more.
  • After we will come to a diagnosis on why you are having your main health concerns.  I’ll discuss the treatment options to you which will include acupuncture frequency and duration.  It may also include herbal medicine and diet modifications if it is necessary.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are an essential part of the treatment.  We will also discuss with you the herbal options available to you. We will go over overall pricing and plan for following visits. More than half of the new patients decide to get acupuncture treatment after initial consultation.
  • If we decide to provide acupuncture treatment right after the initial consultation, you will be asked to lie down on treatment table.  About 5-15 specific acupuncture points will be chosen for you. We will clean them with alcohol to sterilize and insert hair-thin disposable needles. Usually the patient feels little or no discomfort. Mostly you will feel small pinches. Afterwards, the needles will be left in for 20-30 minutes. Most people find the treatment very relaxing and many fall asleep. We also teach you how to do deep breathing meditation method during the treatment to improve outcome of acupuncture. If you feel any discomfort, be sure to tell us so that we can make any necessary adjustments.
  • At the end of the treatment, the needles are removed and we see how you feel after the session. We also review your treatment plan together.  You can also ask any remaining questions that you may have.

*All patients will have our email to receive support or ask any questions that may come up. We will email you the video about what to expect after initial acupuncture visit.