1. Cultivate Healing Through Functional Medicine and Acupuncture

    Acupuncture on its own is a powerful modality, and functional medicine on its own is healing people — and together — they’re changing the scope of the current medical model. Whether you consider these medical disciplines trendsetters or ahead of their time (Chinese medicine is actually quite a…Read More

  2. Good News for Coffee Fans!

    Rejoice! Coffee has health benefits! Drinking a delicious cup of joe is now associated with having a longer lifespan. A recent study shows the protective effect of coffee against cancer, cardiovascular disease and other leading causes of death. This is because your coffee is full of good things like…Read More

  3. How Functional Medicine Benefits Those With An Autoimmune Disorder

    In western medicine, there is this notion that if you have an autoimmune disorder the only option is to treat it with pharmaceuticals while trying to manage the symptoms. The heaviness of chronic pain and discomfort may only slightly get better, while “cure” or “remission” are words to be av…Read More

  4. Functional Medicine and Autoimmune Disease

    In our last post, we took a glance at what functional medicine is, and learned in its most distilled form, it is viewing the patient as dynamic and seeks to treat the root cause of the symptoms. For example, if a patient is suffering from type 2 diabetes, you would first address their eating habits …Read More

  5. What is Functional Medicine?

    The western approach to medicine has been widely scrutinized because it’s based more around the insurance system and not so much around effectively treating patients. Doctors have limited time with their patients, while symptoms are often overlooked, and pharmaceuticals vastly overused. While west…Read More

  6. The Best Perk of Acupuncture and Musings on Functional Medicine

    Traditional Chinese medicine, which encompasses both acupuncture and herbal medicine, is an ancient healing modality that treats the whole person without neglecting or bandaging symptoms often found in western medicine. Acupuncture is a mindful practice that asks you to become more in tune with your…Read More