1. How Lack of Exercise Affects Health

    A lack of exercise results in numerous health problems, starting from seemingly harmless weight gain to cardiovascular diseases and a much higher chance of suffering a stroke. Research has concluded that as many people die because of the effects of lack of exercise as the number that die from smokin…Read More

  2. Sorry Honey, I’m Sleeping With Someone Else Tonight

    It’s not exactly the sort of thing I advertise, but I’ve found a guy who is willing to go to bed with me when I’m ready, not “in a few minutes” which may turn into hours of waiting in bed alone. My new bed partner can be a little bit of a bed hog, once in a while has a smell or two that ma…Read More

  3. How Low Can You Go?

    Sleep and you. I was talking to a woman the other day who mentioned that because of living in the desert southwest, she gets up at two in the morning to take her morning walk. After that she cleans her house, makes breakfast, gardens and runs errands. As she continued to list all her activities, I m…Read More

  4. Avoid these Aging Activities

    We’re all looking for that fictitious fountain of youth. No matter what we do, we can’t stop the inevitable passage of time. But we can do things that make us feel and look younger. After all, age really is a matter of mind. Here are a few suggestions to help you to overcome prematuring aging ha…Read More

  5. Skin Care Basics

    Beyond the normal use of lotion after a shower, most people don’t think too much about their skin. And yet, our skin is the largest organ of our body. It breathes, it respirates, it releases toxins, and it provides a lot of physical signals about our health. Let’s start with the eyes. As we age,…Read More

  6. Having Trouble Focusing?

    Lack of focus is one of the biggest problems in today’s classrooms. Teachers complain about it to one another, to the parents, to the kids who can’t seem to focus. But the problem is much more widespread than just in the classroom. Adults today complain more and more about the inability to stay …Read More